Monday, 12 August 2013

Non-Watchmaking Post #1: My Pen Collection

I've decided that I need to share some of my other hobbies (obsessions really). I started collecting pens after using a Parker 45 that my father received when he finished working for a bank in the early 70s.
The Parker 45 is still to this day my favourite pen. It writes smoothly, clearly, is well proportioned, well balanced and wonderfully understated with it's hooded nib.
Here's some of my pens (as many that I could find in a few moments). Starting on the left - the Fisher Space Pen, an Esterbrook J fountain pen, a Parker 17 fountain pen, 3 Parker 45 fountain pens, a Parker 45 ballpoint, a Parker 45 mechanical pencil, a Parker Jotter fountain pen, and a Parker Jotter ballpoint.

After accumulating a few Parker 45 fountain pens, I wanted a complete set of chrome trim ("CT") writing implements. So, to go with my stainless steel Parker 45 fountain pen, I quickly grabbed a ballpoint of eBay for a dollar or two, and then the mechanical pencil. The Parker 45 mechanical pencil was the more expensive acquisition, completing the set.

Here's some close-ups of the Parker 45's hooded nib:


My Parker pen obsession didn't stop with the 45. Throughout my university years, I almost exclusively used a Parker Jotter whilst in lectures/tutorials on campus (fountain pens are better kept in a desk draw, and not your backpack where they may turn everything Quink Blue).

To go with my Jotter ballpoints, I recently got a Jotter fountain pen that takes cartridges. The nib has a simple, modern design. It writes very easily, but it's nothing exceptional.

This is my newest pen. I bought this simply because I saw a youtube video of Adam Savage discussing the Space Pen and Field Notes notebooks. I also greatly appreciate it's solid, superior construction and tiny size.

Lid off:

Lid on so it becomes "full sized" in your hand:

This is my least favourite Parker pen to write with, the Parker 17. I find that the nib spreads very easily on this pen, and it clogs readily. Given that this is my only Parker 17, I cannot conclude that this is a fundamental design fault, as it could be attributable to my writing style (pressure, angle) and the firmness of the nib (soft, medium, hard, etc.).

Finally, my almost-favourite - the Esterbrook J. I've seen a few tribute pages to this pen, it has quite the following. It's cheap(ish) and common - a pen for the people! Its also a classic design and writes tremendously well. I thoroughly recommend this instrument to any fountain pen enthusiasts.

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  1. Your collection is quite impressive! My husband has loved pens ever since he was a little boy. He and his dad collected them together. I don't know much about it, but it seems like you have a wide variety of different pens.