Friday, 31 August 2012

My Current Workspace

My lathe tooling has consumed a vast quantity of space (and money), so I've thrown together this super cheap and hopefully temporary watchmaker's bench. I've designated this as my 'clean' space for disassembly/assembly.

Now for the 'dirty' space, my super strong, bomb-proof bench which weights as much as a neutron star:

The big draw contains my milling column, large tap/die set, socket set and my Seiko 6309/7xxx parts boxes:

The middle draws contain the medium-sized lathe tools: milling vise, dog plate, chucks (3-jaw, jacobs), steady rest, a couple of stock off-cuts, and really and many other useful tools.

And finally the small draw, which as you can probably guess, contains small tools/parts: files, bits, centres, mills, centre drills, micro tap/dies, dividers and so forth

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  1. Waw lovely workshop area. It looks very professional :)