Wednesday, 30 May 2012

MiG Cockpit Chronograph adjustment & photos

This is my MiG Cockpit Chronograph that I use as a general desk clock. I actually haven't wound it for a while, and recently discovered that the chronograph function is a bit off. The chronograph will have trouble engaging and when it does it sometimes stops the balance.

These clock are quite popular on eBay, but do prepare yourself for between $60-$90 depending on the quality and functionality. They all have similar construction, with back and side screws holding the back case to the bezel and main plate.

These next two photos aren't showing you anything specific - they're just a gratuity. You may notice that I'm quite fond of the this movement's aesthetics, since this clock also features as my blog's background.

The problem lies with the central arm in this next picture. It is over-engaging the seconds wheel by applying too much pressure.

To fully get at the responsible arm, first the cock that holds the seconds wheel  and a transmission wheel must be removed.

You can see that the pivot screw for the arm and the adjustment screw in the next photo.

And just to make it a bit clearer this is the arm being discussed:

The screw on the far left adjusts the depth of the swinging wheel in relation to the chronograph wheel and the seconds wheel.

Re-installed, regulated, and now it all runs smoothly. I'm not going to pretend that this post is about the cleaning and assembly of this clock, it's all really about the following money-shots:


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  1. Great explanation ! Nice pics and very interesting clock from USSR era.