Monday, 9 April 2012

Elgin Ladies Watch

 I found this gem on eBay a couple of months ago, ADU35 in total (inc shipping). I'm really quite surprised by the quality and low cost of ladies watches (I must be the only person shopping for them..). This particular Elgin has a 10k GP case and works perfectly (after cleaning):

.. I'm still trying to track down what Elgin movement this is, so if you know the caliber number feel free to post it in the comments section.

 This may be the smallest movement I've worked on, the next photo will show the relative size of the watch to my club-like thumb, with the stamped 10k case back:


 Once the watch is opened up, the low cost is even more surprising. The movement has 15 jewels and is adjusted to 4 positions. All the jewels are set in nickel?? chatons, which suggest that this movement is designed for a long life.

 The tear down:

 The click, anchor and screws are all black-polished and the click spring and yoke spring are blued - something which cannot be seen with my low quality camera - again, very surprising for a cheap watch (which is now obviously seen as under priced).

 Overall, a superbly designed and finished movement.


  1. Your tiny Elgin watch appears to have a 541 caliber movement. The number is right after ELGIN on the train bridge. I have a very similar movement marked 933 that has 17 jewels, unfortunately the balance staff is broken. A search of the Elgin 941 on Google should provide some similar watches and info though. It's nice to see some of these watches come back to life again. Great job!

    1. *facepalm* thanks for the info. Since I originally posted this, the watch took a bit of a knock and now requires (of course) a new balance staff. I found an eBay seller whose selling 2x 541 staffs for USD12, so when I get the replacement staff I'll put up a post of the restaffing - I can already envision the problems and frustrations of staffing a balance this small

  2. How can i contact you regarding some info about a watch!!
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    1. Hi Joel,

      The shout out in the comments is a pretty good start, I'll flick through a message from my gmail.