Wednesday, 22 February 2012

ETA 2824 Clone

This is a Chinese made ETA 2824-2 clone, fresh from Ebay. I've owned a real 2824-2 movement for 6-12 months and have all the technical documents on its assembly, but I still wanted my first crack at the 2824-2 to be on a clone instead of the real deal. If I do (did) happen to ruin this movement, then.. well.. it's only a Chinese knock-off, so no real harm done. The movement came in a two-part plastic case, with really flimsy hour & minute hands, a long stem & plastic crown(?).

I was surprised to see how nice the finish is on the top plates, with very nice patterns on the bridges and stripes on the rotor.

Here's a close-up of the movement sans rotor.

 And now with the automatic winding bridge removed.

A close-up of the separated winding bridge.


I'm quite happy with the overall finish of this clone - I've owned some good quality Chinese movements like this one, and I've also seen some tragic pieces of crap that are so poorly finished you almost lose the will to reassemble them..


Now with the train bridge removed, the wheels are exposed. I don't have a photo of the bare reverse side of the plate, but interestingly, the 2824-2 does not have a center wheel and cannon pinion which would be comparable to most other watches that I've covered in this blog.

The obverse of the movement is not as nicely finished as the reverse, but then again, you can't see this side when the movement is installed in a watch.

 Almost ready for cleaning...

Ceaned, oiled & reassembled - the original article versus the clone.. now I've got to find something to do with it... possibly a custom diver..?



  1. A nice piece. I'm searching for a replacement too, cause my 2824-2 is broken and they want to have over 300 Euros to repair. Do yo have the name of your chinese seller here?


    1. I purchased my clone from relogiospassion1, for around AUD100(approx USD100 depending on the exchange rate). I recommend using the clones as practice, as genuine 2824-2 movements and parts are becoming more expensive.

      You may be able to buy individual parts on eBay for the 2824-2 if/when you make a mistake, or you may find a local parts supplier. But being a Swiss movement from the early 1980s you may not find what you need locally or online at a reasonable price.

      With respect to parts for Swiss movements, I'm quite lucky. Here in Brisbane I've got access to a Jewellery supplier who has an enormous quantity of spare parts for almost any watch (with what seems like 1980s pricing).

  2. Hello,

    Great page. I dropped my Breitling 2824-2. The screw holding the rotor snapped off and needs to be extracted. I am being quoted 500USD. No idea how I could remove the broken screw myself or where to get another. Why not get another 2824-2 on Ebay? I would like the real thing.