Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Restoration of Rotary mechanical dress watch

This watch belonged to my grandfather quite a few years ago. About a year ago, my Aunt gave this to my Dad, and to our surprise it still worked (though not accurately, and not for long). The watch itself contains an ETA900 calibre, dating from around the 1950s (
Once the dirty bezel and old plastic crystal was removed, you can see that the dial and hands are is excellent condition considering the age and treatment of the watch.
This is the obverse of the movement, extracted from the case. I'm not sure why there is no cap jewel for the lower end of the escapement.. but it does not seem to significantly affect the function of the movement.
Despite the tarnished nature of the plate, there is not rust or corrosion throughout the movement. This would indicate that its been somewhere safe and dry for the last 30 years.
When the balance cock and gear train plate are removed, the wheels are exposed, all in good condition.
Once the plate has been stripped down, you can see that there is a bit of dirt around the keyless works region.
Here we have the movement completely disassembled (apart from the mainspring, click and balance cock/ hairspring)
The following photo shows the cleaned & oiled movement reassembled - running smoothly.
Once the case was cleaned up & a new plexi crystal affixed to the bezel, the watch not only looks great, but runs great.

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